Photo by Kate Horgan

  • Moby Dan

    Written & directed by Veronica Coburn

    Cast: Lynn Cahill, Daniel Guinnane, Deirdre Molloy, Eric Lacey & Ruth Lehane

    Production Designer: Carol Betera

    Lighting Designer: Mark Galione

    Costume Designer: Carol Betera

    Soundscape Designer: Debra Salem

    November 2001: Premiered at Barabbas, the festival 2 at Project, Dublin

    Inspired by Herman Melville's epic novel, Moby Dick, and set in the local hall of a small town in the midlands, Moby Dan features a cast of four aspirationally challenged individuals and one inspirational hippy. Locked into the hall with a copy of the novel for one whole night, this motley crew embarks on an imaginary journey to capture Melville's monster.

    "absorbing and original piece of theatre, definitely the funniest show in town"
    The Sunday Tribune

    "a hymn to the hypnotic and seductive power of imagination"
    Sunday Independent

    The Irish Times

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