Photo By Pat Redmond

  • Luca

    By the company. Directed by Veronica Coburn

    Cast: Amy Conroy, Raymond Keane, Eoin Lynch

    Movement Director: Raymond Keane

    Set Design: Alan Farquharson

    Lighting Design: Mark Galione

    Costume Design: Chisato Yoshimi

    Sound Design: Vincent Doherty, Ivan Birthistle

    November 2005: Premiere Project Arts Centre, Dublin

    The characters of LUCA are inspired by the theatrical discipline of Bouffon. Barabbas believes that bouffons are clowns - the dark side over. Whereas the red nosed clown often reveals characteristics such as naivity, vulnerability and joy - the bouffon scrapes the underbelly unveiling the unspoken, the grotesque and the taboo. The power of bouffon lies in its irreverence and its freedom to say the unspeakable.

    Luca and his friends are children of the devil. They revel in chaos, they detest, they cause confusion for humans and they kill. Goodness is offensive to them. Luca knows he's in deep trouble when he becomes infatuated with Mary Robinson - the epitome of all that is good and decent and honourable. Luca and his friends exist in the Aether - a substance through which they can travel at will to different places and times.

    Photo by Pat Redmond

    "A brilliantly sustained work of imagination"
    Sunday Times

    "This is a morality play of ferocious impact for those who want to hear. It's performed with awesomely choreographed movement by the cast of three, on vertiginous platforms based on the dodecahedron designed by Alan Farquharson."
    Sunday Independent

    "Raymond Keane is immense as Luca" Irish Times

    "The three performers create distinctive, seemingly spontaneous, characterisations and yet play together physically, vocally and emotionally as one heaving, whirling spectacle of body and mind in motion."
    Irish Theatre Magazines

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