Photo By Ros Kavanagh

  • Hurl

    Written by Charlie O'Neill. Directed by Raymond Keane

    Cast: Eamonn Hunt, Dystin Johnson, Daniel Kobbina, Eoin Lynch, Anthony Ofoegbu, Diane O'Keeffe, Paul Tylak, Alan Wai

    Set Designer: Robert Ballagh

    Lighting Designer: John Comiskey

    Costume Designer: Marie Tierney

    Movement Director: David Bolger

    Sound and Music: Brian Fleming and Gwenn Frin of De jimb

    July 2003: Premiered at the Black Box Theatre, Galway Arts Festival

    October 2003: Tivoli Theatre, Dublin Theatre Festival

    A hurling fantasia through multi-cultural Ireland. A group of asylum seekers and refugees form a hurling team. HURL charts the human, heroic and hilarious journey as this team overcomes impossible barriers while contesting the Hurling Club Championships.

    "A winning performance"
    The Irish Times

    "The physical inventiveness in which Barabbas specialises has found an
    ideal subject"

    The Guardian

    "Fast, furious and charged with energy, this is a hurling game like you never
    saw it."

    The Sunday Tribune

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