Photo by Charlie O'Niell

  • Clown TV

    Devised by the company & directed by Veronica Coburn

    Cast: Veronica Coburn, Raymond Keane, Mikel Murfi & Kathy Downes (1994)

    Donal Beecher, Sarah Fitzgibbon, Raymond Keane & David Lyons (1996)

    Production Designer: Charlie O'Neill

    Lighting Designer: Paul Keogan (1994)

    Costume Designer: Marie Tierney

    Puppets: Louis Kimmerling

    Miniatures: Frank Maurer & Bill Wertz

    July 1994: Premiered as part of Barabbas, the Festival at Project Arts Centre, Dublin

    1996: Project Arts Centre, Dublin; Town Hall Theatre, Galway; Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick; U.C.C. Granary Theatre, Cork

    Stephen McManus (1996)

    The Kelterne Kommer Festival, Aarhus, Denmark; System Friche Theatre, Marseilles, France

    Photo By Charlie O'Niell

    "Half Eight Mass of a Tuesday As an institution, a morning mass is played for its own theatricality, looking into the minds of a small congregation. Why have these people trekked to church on a crisp October morn? Puppets, miniatures, shadow play and perspective reveal."

    "A thoroughly satisfying theatrical experience, perfection, we now know, is possible." Limerick Event Guide

    "extraordinary in its attention to detail and precision"
    The Examiner

    "one's sense of satisfaction is substantial. Well worth a visit."
    Irish Times

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