Photo by Kate Horgan

  • Dog

    Written and directed by Raymond Keane

    Cast: Lynn Cahill, Daniel Guinnane, Deirdre Molloy, Eric Lacey & Ruth Lehane

    Production Designer: Carol Betera

    Lighting Designer: Mark Galione

    Costume Designer: Carol Betera

    Soundscape Designer: Roger Gregg

    Props/puppets: Miriam Duffy and Eimer Murphy

    November 2001: Premiered at Barabbas, the festival 2 at Project, Dublin

    Dog is a non-verbal, lyrically visual, theatrical experience, exploring the parallels between modern physics and eastern mysticism, searching for the place where our imagination and the sciences find common ground.

    "pure imaginative delight...the individual contributions of Keane's guiding imagination, of Miriam Duffy's wonderful props and effects, and of the splendid new Barabbas company meld into the seamless succession of enchantments."
    The Irish Times

    "Dog is a piece of genuine beauty and mystery. Once again, Barabbas shows its talent for merging the fantastical with the ordinary, mixing even through mime, realistic characters and everyday, humorous situations with heavily stylised clown techniques, puppets and movement, taking us to the outer reaches of our imaginations, and indicating a solid long-term direction for the company. This is a production that sets Barabbas firmly on an international course of creative excellence."
    The Sunday Tribune



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