Photo by Kevin McFeely

  • The Cube

    Devised by the company & directed by Raymond Keane

    Production Designer: Paki Smith

    Animated by: Puca Puppets

    Composer: Roger Gregg

    Animation Construction By: Andrew Clancy, Miriam Duffy, Sean Hillen, Eimer Murphy, Julie Ochiniti and Paki Smith

    Uilleann Pipes: Martin Nolan

    Engineered by: Ken Johnson

    Fabricated by: Jim McGarrigle & Ryan Ironworks, Arbour

    July 2000: Premiered and commissioned as part of Ireland's Cultural and Events Programme for EXPO 2000, Hanover, Germany

    September 2000: Diversions, Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin

    October 2000: eircom Dublin Theatre Festival, Meeting House Square, Dublin

    Barabbas' the cube A mobile, stainless steel 8-foot square cube, with a capability of carrying twenty-four spectators on seats suspended on the sides. The Cube is a mobile theatrical space that plays with the idea of perspective and performance.

    Spectators view a performance manipulated by puppeteers inside the Cube, through purpose built eyepieces and headphones; as the performance plays, the Cube moves silently through a public place.

    "this is Barabbas at their most mischievous best, confirming their incredible ability to confound"
    Irish Independent

    "Barabbas' the cube is more than just a box of tricks."
    The Sunday Tribune

    "one of Ireland's most creative forces."
    Irish Independent


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