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  • Barabbas / Company SJ

    Company SJ/Barabbas are committed to re-evaluating and presenting the work of Samuel Beckett and W. B. Yeats for a 21st exploration for a wider international audience. Raymond Keane and Sarah Jane Scaife, Artistic Director Compnay SJ, are drawn together through their mutual love of Beckett, Butoh and Clown.

    Raymond and Sarah Jane began collaborating as 'Throwin' Shapes' on the works of Beckett and Yeats pre Barabbas days in the early 1990's. Now twenty years later they have rekindled their partnership that reflects their experience, age, social and political sensibilities.

    Having directed the drama of Beckett in Asia, Europe and America, Sarah Jane began to feel submerged in his writing all around her on the streets of Dublin. As individual artists we have come together, to put flesh on the words and actions of Beckett's characters and to re-insert his writing within the architecture and social spaces of the city of Dublin and beyond.

    Our first presentation of the work was a production of Samuel Beckett's Act Without Words II for Dublin's Absolut Fringe 2009, which went on to play Dublin Theatre Festival (2010), Imagine Watford and Greenwich and Docklands Festivals (2011), River To River Festival New York and Limerick Unfringed (2012) and most recently the Happy Days Beckett Festival, Enniskillen 2013.

    We returned to Dublin Fringe Festival 2013 again with a new companion presentation of Beckett's Rough for Theatre I.

    Here's what Irish Times theatre critic Fintan O'Toole has said about the work.

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