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  • Circus

    By Barabbas. Directed by Raymond Keane,

    Circus act Gubu and Harle have come to town. When the beautiful Angelina naively steps into the ring they trick and seduce her into becoming part of the show. In a world of high flying trapeze, escape artists and knife throwing they flip, they twist, they win, they lose.

    Project arts Centre October 25th to November 10th 2007

    Harle - Ken Fanning
    Mook - Trevor Knight
    Gubu - Colm O'Grady
    Angelina - Tina Segner

    Set Design - Sabine Dargent
    Lighting Design - Sinead McKenna
    Costume Design - Suzanne Keogh
    Sound Design/Composition - Trevor Knight

    Set Construction - Alan Clarke
    Scenic Artist - Liz Barker
    Production Electrician - Sarah Jane Shiels

    Producer - Maria Fleming Co-producer - Selina O'Reilly Publicity - Nik Quaife & Layla O'Mara/ Zoetrope

    "Spellbinding production, deceptively simple and thoroughly effective."
    Irish Times

    "This circus is enchanting. a coup de theatre, it is daring, touching and beautiful."
    Irish Independent

    "This is spectacle with a heart; a timeless enactment of jealousy and love, that, in the hands of these performers, is allowed to soar."
    The Guardian

    "Mesmerising blend of theatre and spectacle.a consummate display that combines physical grace with poignant intimacy."
    Sunday Times

    "Circus is one of those shows in which the set, the music, the performers and the choreography combine to produce an entertainment as near perfection as you are likely to get"
    Irish Mail on Sunday

    "This is a circus that should visit every town and village for its exuberance and its humanity.Raymond Keane has wrought a marvel"
    Irish Theatre Magazine

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